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The Aethereal

Build a Mech, map the unknown,
fight KAIJU, and save your home.

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Save your home from KAIJU!

HOME is a tabletop roleplaying and mapmaking game putting you in the boots of a mech pilot who must protect their home from KAIJU.

One year ago, an invading KAIJU destroyed a city in your home. Scans show that more are coming and so we built the mechs: towering war machines designed to kill KAIJU, if they don't kill you first.

HOME is a story-forward game of action, exploration, hope, and loss. Build your home, pilot, and mech. Prepare for battle by constructing bases, uniting the nations, or searching the mysterious Aether. And when the moment of truth arrives, fight the KAIJU in a deadly showdown that will destroy your home if you lose.

The Home Map spread
1-4 players.
Play solo or with up to 3 friends.
No preparation, no GM.
Get started quickly and build the world through play.
6 flavourful playbooks.
Craft your home, pilot, and mech from playbooks like the prototype-loving Engineer or the mysterious Aethereal.
Play as the KAIJU.
Build a terrifying monster and battle another player's mech!
Cinematic special moves.
Weave a story with tense flashbacks, devastating Kaiju powers, or the ultimate sacrifice: detonating your mech's core.
Thrilling dice mechanic.
Easy to learn d6 dice pool where every roll matters.
Perfect for a one-shot.
Three escalating scenarios make this perfect for a single evening of play.
HOME gameplay assets

Learn the basics of HOME in this 2 minute overview video.

Check out this 30 minute solo game of HOME and find out if the Aethereal can withstand the Kaiju and the call of the Aether.

Get the full experience with this 2-hour, 2-player game of HOME. Can the bold Royal and methodical Engineer defend their homes?

“Shards of Pacific Rim, Godzilla and early Gundam have been melted down and reforged in tragic fires. What’s left is a quietly devastating game played on a map at a distance 100 miles above everything.”

Chase Carter,

“The dice mechanic is brilliant.”

Matthew Doughty,

“I love how HOME focuses on telling a story... this would be a great first RPG to play, and still a ton of fun for experienced players.”

Matt Latham,
game designer

“HOME f*cking ruled.”

game designer

“The creative prompts really got me thinking of fun ideas for building out the world, mechs, and kaiju.”

Tony Smerek,

Where to buy

HOME will be available on Friday, July 19, 2024!

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Also download the free Pilot Sheet and Map Templates here!

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Indie Press Revolution
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Compose Dream Games
Canada and world.
Compose Dream Games UK
UK, EU, and world.
Peregrine Coast Press
UK, EU, and world.

And many other great gaming stores, like Total Escape Games, Tabletop Bookshelf, Ratti Incantatti, Zulus Games, Sabre Games and Cards, and Shouting Crow Press.

The Home Rulebook
Are you ready, Pilot?

Everything in HOME isHuman Made.