Build a mech, fight Kaiju, save your home.

Build a mech, fight Kaiju, save your home.

HOME is a tabletop roleplaying and mapmaking game where you are a Mech pilot who must protect their home from Kaiju. Build your Mech, map the unknown, fight the Kaiju, and try to save you home.

It is easy to learn, story-forward, and combines action, exploration, hope, and loss.

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How do you play?

HOME is a great one-shot experience:

  • Play solo or up to 4 players.
  • Easy to learn with no prep or Game Master required.
  • Reach your epic finale in 3-4 hours (maybe a little longer if you really like drawing and roleplaying...)

It is perfect for players who like creative play supported by solid but simple mechanics:

  • A unique system that combines mech building, map making, and narrative-driven play.
  • Easy to learn d6 dice pool that reflects your story arc.
  • Draw maps of your world and the Kaiju Realm - no drawing skills necessary!

Create the world, pilots, and mechs you envision, and do your best to keep them alive:

  • Choose from 6 playbooks such as the prototype-loving Engineer, the knightly Royal, or the mysterious Aethereal.
  • Push deep into the Kaiju Realm to face increasingly dangerous Kaiju (who are played by your friends!)
  • Use dozens of oracle tables to quickly build your Home, Pilot, Mech, Kaiju, and mission - which you’ll need, because things will die...

Want to see more?

HOME layout mockup
HOME layout mockup
HOME character sheet mockup
HOME map mockup
HOME map mockup
HOME layout mockup

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